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Yoga with Camille is a practice founded in mindfulness.


Yin Yoga

This class is slow and meditative. Settling into poses for longer periods of time to allow your body to release.

It targets the deep connective tissues and fascial networks of the body allow deeper sensations and awareness.


Gita Hatha Yoga

Classes incorporate physical postures, Mudras, breathing, relaxation and meditation aimed at bringing your mind, body and soul back into alignment.

Each class targets the hormones via the endocrine system, returning them to balanced functioning using classical yoga postures.

These classes are for everyone, and work within an individual’s capacity in an incremental way to improve health and well being and bring the student back into real connection with their body and mind. Students will emerge feeling balanced, recharged and whole, ready to face the world again.

Please contact the clinic on (03) 5429 3901 to register interest and reserve your mat space....

Classes are $25 and run within the school terms.  

You are welcome to BYO yoga mat but all props including mats can be provided at no extra charge...

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart
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The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself...

Nayyirah Waheed


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