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Massage therapy at Mindful Health and Movement is with Camille Scott, a Diploma qualified Remedial Massage Therapist who is highly skilled in providing Deep tissue massage, coupled with Trigger point therapy. Her relaxation style massage draws from Lomi techniques and her Reiki background to provide a quiet nurturing space on the table where you can let go.

She is also trained in a flowing style of Lomi Lomi based Hot stone massage (available during our cold Romsey winters) that allows for ultimate relaxation.

To read more about Camille's deeply nourishing massage offerings see below...


Remedial massage with Camille is tailored to your needs. This individualised massage incorporates techniques used to treat specific muscular problems and injuries, designed to offer relief from tightness, tension and restriction.

Camille works with a specialised Deep tissue technique that sees incredible benefit for those needing to ease those deep aches and pains that just seem to hang around...

Camille works with a mixture of Lomi and traditional relaxation techniques to provide a calm, flowing treatment with maximum relaxation.

Craniofascial therapy uses very light touch and subtle pressure and stretch techniques to assess and release restrictions in the connective tissues including their attachments to the cranium and sacrum.

In this treatment you get to enjoy a 60min therapeutic or relaxation massage with 30mins of Craniofascial release at the end of your treatment to realign your body completely.

Choose between either a 60min massage (therapeutic or relaxation) and 30min Reiki session or 45mins of each in this deeply nourishing treatment that allows you to re-calibrate on all levels of the mind, body and soul.

Hot Stone Lomi

Camille's Winter Warmer!
A one hour hot stone massage that leaves you sinking into the table followed by 15 mins of Reiki bliss with beautiful basalt hot stones placed along the back of your body...Perfect for those who always wish they could have a post massage snooze!

**Please note this treatment is only available in winter

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